Miguel Julián

Since my memory is able to recall I have been attached to a book or I have been involved into some kind of writing or journalism project. Maybe once I decided to jump towards a quite more technical carreer reading won the battle agains producing writings. For the future me (who else could be cusious about this?) I have collected quite a bunch of my writings inside a single place.

  • Genbeta articles
    • Genbeta is a well known IT news related blog I worked at during a couple of years
  • Dos Idiotas
    • Since I started the college I have been writing at a blog. I have lost couple of databases (shame on young me) but this is the last personal online blog I maintained with a very good friend of mine.
  • Musical reviews
    • I have been interested in heavy metal music since I discovered it. During my early years I really enjoyed writing about well famous bands and also about those who were about to start.
  • Short stories
    • I will probably never publish here the short stories I have written. Some of them are missing or some others are just at my backups. Here I have publish one of the worse out there; just to remember myself how much I would need to improve.
  • Articles
    • I have published some articles at some other media. Let’s gather all of them here.