About me

I was born in Zaragoza back in 1984

My actual name is Miguel Julián, but almost everyone call me Miky, or maybe figarocorso

Work recap

As a computer engineer I've worked at:

  • Sysdig (2018-now)
    • SDET and tooling eng. tech lead + Team manager
  • Frogtek (2014-2018)
    • QA and Release manager + Django dev
  • Zentyal (2012-2014)
    • Devops engineer + Django developer
  • Juan de Lanuza (2008-2012)
    • Teaching and system and network administrator


After some success and tones of failures, some key learnings:

  • People over resources
  • Measure before improving it
  • SMART goals naturally gain more traction
  • We (humans) are prone error
    • Automate, iterate, profit
  • Deliver value ASAP so early feedback can arrive
  • Baby steps + KISS

QA * (Devops + Backend >> Frontend)

GitOps and Infrastructure

  • Jenkins, GithubActions, Terraform, Ansible, AWS/GCP/Azure
  • K8s: OCP3.11, OCP4.X, Kops, EKS, IKS, AKS, GKE
  • Cassandra, Postgres/MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB, BigQuery
  • OpenLDAP and/or Active Directory + SSO (SAML, OpenID)
  • Dovecot, Postfix, Zarafa, RoundCube, Amavis, SpamAssassin

Actual programming 😜

  • Clean Code and Code Complete follower
  • Python > Java | Bash >> Rust | PHP | Perl > Go | C | C++
  • Selenium, TestNG, PyTest, Cucumber, RestAssured
  • JavaScript and CSS (POCs level)

Beyond technical skills

People manager

  • Managed two different remote teams (3 and 6+ people)
  • Handling effective 1:1s
  • Feedback, personal growth and performance reviews
  • Generate team KPIs for improvement and visibility
  • Align team vision and goals
  • Bussiness coaching training
  • Onsite and remote team buildings

Release management

  • Major and minor deliverables testing and release workflow
  • Onpremise customers releases
  • Android app release
  • Working closely with field teams also at customer calls

Life outside IT world


  • Worked as highschool Math/CS teacher for 4 years
  • Develop and being part of people's growth is amazing
  • Yearly collaboration with local university (around TDD)


  • Worked at Genbeta (2M visitors/month tech blog)
  • Ratones en la Red: National radio segment (RNE)
  • Dozens of music reviews for several media

And more...

  • Astronomy, motorsport, travelling, music, writing, events, books, ...

Organising events

Moments in life to meet great people

TEDxZaragoza - Trying to sabotage our lifes

Pint of Science - Bringing science to people... and pubs!


France, Andorra, Italy, Monaco, Swizerland, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, Malta, Iceland and many more to come.

But also knowing my country: Spain. Because we usually forget how beautiful and charming it is (37 out of 50 regions so far).

But it is not only about visiting places...


... is about meeting people, learning and living new experiences

Last pictures

An idol, basket, juggling and summer camp monitor:

Fosdem (x4), Talks, astronomy and a python "expert"

There are more activities to live and enjoy

Writing: A hidden passion. Not everything but take a look

Playing the electric guitar: I enjoy music... thus, why not?

Reading: Cien Años de Soledad, Momo, Silmarillion, Hyperion, ...

Cinema: 12 Angry Men, The Bride Princess, Intouchables, ...

Nature: Climbing, hiking, listening, feeling, ... natur-ing!

That's all!

Thank you for reading